Marketing Campaigns BEFORE Launch

Important: Transparency and open communication is embedded into our corporate responsibility. Each month, our online / offline marketing campaign reports will be published on our website with a breakdown of website data, marketing costs & goals met.


Online Marketing:


  • We have teamed up with renowned marketing agencies who specialise in PR / Digital Marketing to promote the Society of Sloth brand. Plans are set and ready to be deployed!


  • SOCIALS! Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit & TikTok are all planned to be utilised to promote the brand before the big 10,000 Society of Sloths NFT launch. Each social platform has its own marketing plan with set budgets. It will be hard not to see us!


  • We are already in contact with online journalists who are eagerly waiting for the complete launch of our NFT. Articles will be published on major authority websites e.g NY Times, The Guardian & other publications to bring wider exposure.


  • Search engine optimisations (SEO) will be implemented to rank our website on the top positions in Google for keyword searches such as “NFT” or “top NFT”. Google Keyword data states an average of 1-10 million searches per month worldwide.


  • Monthly SEO reports will also be published on our website. Our marketing team have advised this particular goal is long-term (9-12 months). More exposure to the brand will lead to an increase in the value of the S.O.S NFT. With all online aspects covered, we have no doubt there will be a large buzz around the Society of Sloths!