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PRESALE PRICE: 0.18 ETH // Join our Discord //
LAUNCH: 09/07/22


The Society Of Sloths (S.O.S) is a fast-paced, growing brand with a collection of 10,000 limited Sloth NFTs. The foundation of S.O.S is set to become a worldwide recognized NFT community with a clear vision of building an exclusive brand image and contributing to a goal-oriented growth.

Our detailed roadmap surpasses any other NFT project. Each objective has been strategically developed to benefit members from the presale to post launch. Our roadmap commitments are dedicated towards adding value to our Sloth members.

The concept of NFT is still relatively new and upcoming. We are the first brand to have adapted and created a unique hybrid approach to communicating with our members. We offer direct 1 on 1 call meetings with Society Members which is fundamental to our brand. We want each S.O.S member to understand the true long-term value in owning a Sloth NFT.

Society Of Sloth maintains a transparent approach with our members. Goals and targets are publicly listed to ensure we are fulfilling our promises. Detailed reports from costs, accomplished goals, website data, merchandise sales will all be published on a monthly basis. Every decision we make is backed up with research or data with our final goal to increase the overall floor price for our Sloth NFT collection.

2022 will be an amazing year for Sloth NFT holders and we are ready to put our roadmap into action.



Raising the floor price is the main objective of our Roadmap.

LIVE: Presale 2,000 Sloth Sale

To reward early Society of Sloth members, you will be able to purchase a Sloth at a reduced price by joining our Discord. Presale members will be randomly allocated a Society Of Sloth NFT and all artwork will be revealed on launch day to the open public market. All 10,000 artwork will be revealed at once.


Presale members will also benefit from free merchandise, lifetime discounts & future utilities.


Our immediate goal BEFORE the BIG LAUNCH will be to promote the sloth brand widely & extensively. We are working with some of the best marketing agencies and will be collaborating with major brands to rapidly increase awareness of the Society of Sloth brand and NFTs. Just a few of our marketing plans are listed below on the roadmap but we have many exciting plans before launch date.


Each and every milestone will be confirmed and showcased in our Discord.

FREE S.O.S Hoodie For All Presale Members

This is just the start! To thank all presale Sloth members, we thought it would be a great opportunity to give an EXCLUSIVE SLOTH HOODIE including SHIPPING for FREE.


These are not your ordinary promotional hoodies! Just wait and see the Sloth design and super cosy feel! Make sure to wear, share and tag us on socials #SOS! More information can be found on our Discord.

1 to 1 Presale Meet & Greet

We are the first NFT brand to communicate directly with members 1 to 1 via Zoom. Our online appointment system allows for each presale Sloth member to select a date / time to directly speak with us. This is an opportunity to ask us any questions and for us to tell you about our long term goals to become the biggest NFT brand in the world.


Our structured approach to all aspects in development, marketing and using our resources will differentiate us from others.


NFT Zoom Meeting

Marketing Campaigns BEFORE Launch

Important: Transparency and open communication is embedded into our corporate responsibility. Each month, our online / offline marketing campaign reports will be published on our website with a breakdown of website data, marketing costs & goals met.


Online Marketing:


  • We have teamed up with renowned marketing agencies who specialise in PR / Digital Marketing to promote the Society of Sloth brand. Plans are set and ready to be deployed!


  • SOCIALS! Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit & TikTok are all planned to be utilised to promote the brand before the big 10,000 Society of Sloths NFT launch. Each social platform has its own marketing plan with set budgets. It will be hard not to see us!


  • We are already in contact with online journalists who are eagerly waiting for the complete launch of our NFT. Articles will be published on major authority websites e.g NY Times, The Guardian & other publications to bring wider exposure.


  • Search engine optimisations (SEO) will be implemented to rank our website on the top positions in Google for keyword searches such as “NFT” or “top NFT”. Google Keyword data states an average of 1-10 million searches per month worldwide.


  • Monthly SEO reports will also be published on our website. Our marketing team have advised this particular goal is long-term (9-12 months). More exposure to the brand will lead to an increase in the value of the S.O.S NFT. With all online aspects covered, we have no doubt there will be a large buzz around the Society of Sloths!





The day we have all been waiting for! We reveal all 10,000 Society of Sloths NFTs on

Marketing Campaigns AFTER Launch


Online Marketing:


  • Each NFT artwork will be allocated time and resources to have its own marketing campaign via social media platforms. Every Society member will have their NFT promoted. Both organic and paid marketing methods will be used to promote each Sloth. Priority will be provided initially to presale members.


  • SOCIALS! We have some amazing plans for the future. This is the only thing we are keeping close to our chest until post launch.


  • YouTube – Working with leading agencies allows us to gain access & communicate directly with high subscriber count content creators in order to promote Society of Sloths.


  • Our marketing team / agencies will be in overdrive mode to ensure maximum exposure. This includes the continuation of our presale marketing plans.



Offline Marketing:


  • Billboard campaigns in major cities: London, New York, Paris, Singapore & Dubai.
    Our strategically placed billboard advertising will reach vast amounts of people every day throughout major cities. Our billboard campaign will ensure that our brand story is effectively communicated through unmissable, instant impact branding with key audiences throughout the day.


  • Our Guerrilla marketing tactics will be designed to create maximum brand exposure and impact while also being low-cost, out of the ordinary and innovative. Our objective is to create a memorable interaction and increase the S.O.S NFT awareness.


  • We have received media packs with rates for full front page advertising on various newspapers. This is the most impactful of all, a full-page newspaper ad covers an entire newspaper page and is seen by a extremely large audience.

Monthly Payout

As we push our roadmap campaigns to continuously increase the floor price, presale Society Of Sloth NFT holders will also benefit from earning 80% of the profit divided equally from all merchandise sales every quarter. This will be deposited directly into your wallet.


We have allocated our own funds to directly promote the S.O.S merchandise with paid advertisements on multiple online platforms. This will increase awareness and also provide a monthly income to presale Sloth holders. We will post sales & profit reports on our website and Discord.

Worldwide NFT Geo Campaign

Our NFT Geo Campaign is already in progress! This is a worldwide campaign. Society of Sloth stickers are being placed around major cities around the world every week. We have reserved 20 S.O.S NFTs for those who find the stickers and share a video!


More information can be found here on our:
NFT Geo Campaign page.


Monthly Q&A Video Chat

Every month, we will have a scheduled video conference. Everyone is free to join in! Current Sloth members and those who are new looking to join the community.


We will answer questions taken from our Q&A section on Discord. Feel free to start asking questions!

& Lots More!

Watch this space for updates! There is a lot more to come.

FAQ //

What is the Society Of Sloths?

The Society Of Sloths (S.O.S) is a fast-paced, growing brand with a collection of 10,000 limited Sloth NFTs. The foundation of S.O.S is set to become a worldwide recognised NFT community with a clear vision of building an exclusive brand image and contributing to a goal oriented growth.

What makes you different from other NFTs?

Transparency and open communication make us different from all other NFT projects. Our main goal is to increase the floor price of our Sloth NFTs through all means possible. We stay realistic, we will never offer false promises such as a supercar or random drops. This does not benefit the S.O.S brand nor does it increase the floor price.

We offer Sloth members the ability to book an appointment date / time to speak to us directly via Zoom and ask any questions. This is a great chance for members to find our more information about the brand and for us to gain valuable feedback from our members.

We have our goals set, we have our teams ready, our social media team replying back to all comments and our marketing / branding agencies waiting for the full 10,000 NFT release. We will be completely open with easy-to-read monthly reports of each goal we have set the current month, how we will achieve it and the costs involved. Sloth members will be able to see our progress every month and see the increase in their Sloth NFT worth.

Our commitment to become the biggest NFT on the market will be accomplished.

What is the floor price goal for 2022?

20 ETH by the end of the 2022. This is being realistic and based on the amount of investment we will be implementing.

How will you be funding your roadmap goals?

We have allocated our own investment of $350,000 to fund the start-up of the project. We have our own dedicated in-house teams. This includes our own graphic designers, social media managers, branding executives & resources use for the sole purpose of S.O.S.

After the launch of the 10,000 Sloths, we will use additional funds to continuously grow the brand. Our roadmap outlines just some of the plans that will be executed, however we have many other really exciting news in the pipeline.

How will we know the progress of the brand?

Join our Discord to stay updated with the latest progress news. We have a section dedicated to goals and members can see which has been achieved or in progress.

We will also have reports full of data posted on our website after the complete launch of the 10,000 Sloths NFT.

Our Socials will also have posts on major exciting news!

What will the community fund be used for?

Activities and investments that will ensure the community is growing and thriving, it will be up to Society of Sloths NFT holders to vote and decide. Some examples include organizing community offline & online events, funding community side projects, sweeping the floor and more.

Do you have any other NFT projects?

We are working towards making the Society Of Sloths into a recognisable brand worldwide.

It will be the only project we will be focusing on with our end goal being to increase the value of every S.O.S NFT substantially. We do not have any plans to create a new NFT project.

Our focus will always remain loyal with Society Of Sloths and the 10,000 Sloth members.

I can't access the ``Society Members`` area?

This area is restricted to members who own S.O.S NFTs. Only “Society Members” can see what is inside…

Where can I find more information?

You have many options:

  • Join our Discord (active 24/7)
  • Join in our monthly video conference Q&A sessions (everyone’s welcome to participate)
  • Open a support ticket, our team is available 24/7.
  • Comment or Direct message us on Instagram
  • Complete our Contact form on the website.
What do these secret symbols on your website mean ●●● – – – ●●● ?

It represents S.O.S (Society Of Sloths).


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